We are selling t-shirts!!

$20 each

Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL


Our Logo

The tree is the brain. The apple fell from the area of the brain where speech and language are located. The roots represent all of the therapy David has completed since having a stroke

How to Order

  • Fill out an order form 

  • Email to: davidadams.advocate@gmail.com

  • A team member will call you to check your information and receive a payment

Shout Out to Our Supporters:

Post a picture in your shirt, tag us, and we will post it on our website!

Melissa Carman

"Representing!! If you are not familiar with David's Apple, you need to get acquainted!! #strokeresearch #itaffectseveryfamily #donatetoday 

#itcouldsaveyourlife #davidsapple"

David and Emilie Adams

"Emilie showing off her David's Apple shirt!"

Francesca Tusa

"Got my David's Apple Swag, go order yours! #strokeadvocacy #speechlanguagepathology #LSUHSC"

Terri Ferreira and Family

"Supporting my awesome Parran today around town with these 2 cuties. David and Angela Adams, love you guys and everything you have accomplished. Y'all are great role models to have in our lives. xoxoxo

Here's to the David's Apple team and the many lives they touch each and every day. Keep it up."

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