Molly's Speech



You never know. You never know when your whole life could change. When one

moment your life is perfectly fine then the next it is not. That in a small amount of time

something like this could happen. But you never knew it was coming. My family and I did not


It was a normal night at my house. My sister was five and I was three so we went to bed

early. My mother had just finished reading a story to my sister and singing my favorite song to

me. Even though she could not sing I used to ask for it every night. My father came in, gave us

both kisses on the head and told use how much he loved us. After they finished they turned my

radio on and turned off the lights and left my room.

My parents were in bed watching some movie that was on T.V. My father was tossing

and turning in his sleep, like something was wrong. That’s when it happened. When our whole

lives changed. My father rolled off the bed and my mom started to laugh. He tried to get up off

the ground but kept on falling back down. After a couple of times trying to get up he finally

managed. When my mother saw him she stayed very quiet and was very scared. The right side of my father’s face was drooping. My father started to act confused. He walked around the house trying to speak. My mother ran to the phone and called 911. By the time the ambulance reached my house, my father had lost the ability to move his right arm and could not answer any questions. My sister had woken up and went to see what was happening but my grandfather stopped her and came to get me.

When the ambulance got to the hospital they rushed my father to the emergency room. A little while later they came out to talk to my mother. They told her that they have no time to

determine what kind of stroke it was and that she had to make a choice. They could either give

my father the shot they thought would clear the blood clot or it could kill him. How could you

ask her that? She was in so much pain and you asked her to decide the fate of her husband. To

decide if he lived or died. How could you? She choose the shot. The shot worked but it did have

some lasting effects. It left my father paralyzed on his right side.

Twelve years later and this story is still a big part of my life. My father has started his

own program called David’s Apple. He goes around telling his story to people. He has been

through so much and he never lets it get to him. He lives his life like nothing ever happened. He

inspires me so much. He teaches me to love what life gives me and not to take anything for

granted. To be grateful for the gifts God has given you because you might not have them forever.

My father was a drummer in a band but once he had his stroke he could not do that any more. He pushes me to be the best person I can be, which has made me the person I am today. My father has taught me so much. He is the person I inspire to be when I am older and the type of parent I want to be. My life would not be the same with out him. He is my very own superhero.


Molly Adams

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